Sam the Reader

Sam the Reader

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Hi mom!
I am sitting at the library with Sam. He finished his homework in no
time and has been reading for 35 minutes. Of course, the minute I
wrote that he started humming. Still, pretty good for somebody who
wouldn’t have read at all a month ago.
He is out with me because tonight is the Nordic team ski sale, and he
needs new skis. Since we have Holly tonight, he gets a night out with
mom and dad as a bonus. Don’t worry, lily and Wy seemed very pleased
to get Holly to themselves. I know she plays with them more than I do.
Please don’t tell me I will regret that someday! Tell me that even
now, you would really rather not sit on the floor and play with my
Holly Hobbie dolls.
I am hoping that Rob will hobble over to do the ski purchasing while I
meet up with some friends at the Canoe Club. Him not being able to
drive or do anything fun like bike or play tennis with anyone is
putting a serious crimp in my already feeble girly social life,
although he has promised to get them to bed next week so I can go to
Book Group. Good book–The Guernsey Literary Society one. Pretty
light, but lets you pretend you are learning something. I think that
is one of the formulas for literary success. Too late to rewrite mine
now, though!
Sam has just said he wants to read for an hour–normally a goal I
would want to encourage…I may have to fudge the timing!
I wrote you a birthday card today and didn’t manage to say nearly this
much. I type better than I write and think beat while typing.
Something about a card makes me feel like I need to be momentous. Plus
I am used to typing, my thoughts flow better this way. So I thought I
would email, instead. The modern version of the letter.
Love you–and dad, you too, if you are reading!

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