Old Friends and Facebook

I was a little bit venting and a little bit just trying to share a little more about my day when I wrote last night than I feel like I usually do. I kind of almost forgot that epistolary conversation is a two-way street!

I didn’t get a response from Mom. Lily and I took a walk together today, during Sam’s soccer practice. I think she just needs a regular reminder that Sam’s needs don’t trump hers. Wyatt gets it just by the amount he gets carried around. Do I think I have enough energy to do that for Four? I don’t know. I do wonder, it’s not like I don’t. I jsut still want another one. Maybe I am just greedy, I always want another one.

Today, we went to parties. First Sam had a soccer game–he has come a long way from emulating his daisy-picking mom at the beginning of the season. He is at least almost always either with the ball or, if he is on defense, watching it, although he isn’t one to really get in there and fight for it. Yet. He really likes playing, though–looks forward to it and is doubly excited for hockey this year because he will be on an actual team. Lily loved hers too and is very excited to start hockey. I can’t remember ever feeling that way–those must be Rob’s genes.

It was Dartmouth homecoming, which was kind of all encompassing for the town. Suzi had her annual BBQ/open house during the game and some other friends had a party after. Lots of kids to play with at both, if not their very closest friends, since today was all NH and their real intimates tend to be VT. Not sure why that is. Probably it will change. It’s true or us, too, although it is changing. So much of friendship is just about the amount of time you spend talking to people. I even forgive Suzi her politics, which are clearly just completely all wrong since she doesn’t agree with me.

Last night something really wild happened–Eleanor appeared. As in Eleanor from Wichita. She appeared on Facebook, IM-ing, having found me through Judi. We traded messages for about half an hour. She is divorced with two kids, I think 14 and 8. Part of the fun of Facebook is the reappearance of all these people from the past, but a big part of me wonders what to do with them when they appear. Not that that applied to Eleanor, but I wouldn’t need, say, Neal in my world even as a “Friend” on Facebook. But it’s fun too–Eleanor reappearing was fun, and an old friend from Cravath I hadn’t thought about in ages.
I think my generation is just starting to really make the move online and populate our places with lists of what we are reading and other public announcements of self. We will see how long we find it interesting.

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  1. JK says:

    Cary is my “friend” on Facebook… Remember him?