Bet that got your attention! Not really snow, but flakes, this morning, and some sticking to the trees at the top of the mountain. The kids went outside, wearing light jackets, but insisting on hats and mittens–and danced around excitedly–never mind that the snow was about 1/10 of the rain that was falling. It’s Krypto’s first snow, Sam said. Krypto was just happy to be out with them.

Sam played soccer for an hour today, in pretty cold weather, running so hard he got down to tshirt and shorts. It was practice, but only three kids showed up (it was the last practice). Tonight was also sign ups for skiing this winter. I like to ski but I am having a hard time getting excited about weather that sort of inevitably makes everything harder. Althought this year the arrival of serious snow will probably coincide with Rob getting his cast off, which will make things easier, so maybe there will be some cancelling out.

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