You Wan, Soon to Join the Family

You Wan

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Here she is! Some know, and plenty don’t, that we’ve been working on adopting a little girl from China since February of 2008. (Details? look here). If there are extreme adventures in parenting, this has to be one of them.

Because this is Number four, right here. Don’t be fooled by appearances–she’s three years old. This is an old picture, and we’re waiting, now, for an “update”–which could include a picture taken last week, updated measurements and health information, and a whole host of other things (one of our questions is whether she has a nickname). Or it could be another brief medical report from anytime between now and then. Whatever it is, we want it.

Meanwhile, Lily has the pictures. Sam and Wyatt have copies, too. Should you run into one of them on the street, expect to be regaled. Lily would love to tell you about “my girl that I’m getting from China this summer.”

You Wan was described in our paperwork as “spirited.” I think that may be a good thing (although I also suspect it’s the equivalent of calling an apartment “cozy”).

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