The incredible changing blog: At Duke!

Well, I’m traveling. With my puny old laptop (which has actually served me very well for many years)…

And the blog is looking kinda busted, and I don’t have all of the various codes and backups with me, so the best I can do is pop this old site up for the time being. Makes you want chocolate, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, here we are in North Carolina. Just the two of us. It’s very relaxing. Honestly, the plane ride was relaxing. The rental car bus ride was relaxing. It’s all good…

I love traveling to another city with no real modus operandi. I’m happy (at least for a little while) just to watch the people going in and out of the Whole Foods with their carts and their kids and their bags–all these other lives, all these other ants, all these important worlds that have nothing to do with me. It’s meditative. At home I barely see the people I don’t know–for one thing, there are so many people I do know (small town), and for another, I’m so caught up in my own shuttling too and fro.

Plus, it’s warm here. Raining, but warm. And somebody else (poor Holly) is freezing with Wyatt in the Dartmouth pool. Life is too good….

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