“Jumbo” Rice Krispie Treats

"Jumbo" Rice Krispie Treats

"Jumbo" Rice Krispie Treats,
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As in, Rice Krispie Treats (yum!) made from new “jumbo” rice krispies–more fiber! Whole grains!

The minute I opened the box I had my doubts. Tasted one, and doubted even more. So I mixed them–half and half–and still.

So not worth it. A belated look at the ingredients reveals that Rice Krispies contain: Rice. Malt. Maybe one other thing. The Jumbos–a huge list of all kinds of crap. They taste something like elongated Kix, and they are never, ever going to be my favorite. And now I have a whole pan of them, when I could have had a tasty pan of real treats. Bummer.

On the plus side, they are nut-free, even in the most selective classroom (as in, Sam’s) and thus, going in lunchboxes until somebody complains.
KJ Dell’Antonia
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