The MacBook Air Arrives: In Real Time!

It’s really late. I should not open my new MacBook Air.
I have opened the outer ox.
Now I am taking out the inner handled box. It is small, but rather heavy. There better be something else in here, like a book. Which seems unlikely. Am I having remorse already?
There is a book. A smallish one, but it accounts for some of the weight.
And two mysterious power cords. Perhaps I should read the book.

But this is a Mac! I am not supposed to read the book! That is just wrong!

I kinda read the book. Second adapter remains a mystery, but I don’t care.
I can’t find the plug. Back to the book.
Ok. Got it. The other power cord is basically an extension cord. Woo hoo, wouldn’t want to clutter up my pretty Mac with an ugly extension cord.

It’s on! Ooh, it is pretty. I can hear Rob downstairs, finishing the dishes he’s left for me. Resentment is seeping through the ceiling, but I soldier on. I still have to make lunches. With those nasty fake rice krispie treats, see below.

Ah, yes, use English please. I am still workng on my Mandarin.

It’s singing to me, which is really kind of annoying. I begin to relate to Virginia Heffernan, just a tad.
I don not want to use voiceover. Please stop talking to me now.
Uh-oh, WEP key time. I hate WEP keys. I mean, I’m alone in the room, could you let me SEE the wacky massive code I’m putting in?
Worked. First try.
So far this is frighteningly impressive. I hope I’m not speaking too soon.
Gotta go, quitting all other applications. If all goes smoothly, I won’t be back until morning!

It did go smoothly, but it wasn’t until I set out to work today that I realized I migrated lots of stuff, but no documents. Now those are migrating merrily away–just 7 short hours to go! And I am deciding between 1) cleaning my office and 2) working on my old laptop. Oh, and there’s three–piddling about.

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