Just another classical evening

Tonight Sam and Lily were back in Mandarin class. Rob drew the short straw, so he came home with grumpy Wyatt to put him to bed (I can tell he’s peeved, because he’s on the upstairs computer, not the downstairs), while me and my laptop hung out at the Dartmouth arts building (nice view of the green, comfy chairs, excellent wireless). As I lingered, responding to email, syncing calendars, etc., a student came in to practice on the grand piano.

So I have live classical music to blog to.

Oh–and wondering about the picture? It’s an EXTREME close up of a really super cute pic of the kids holding Rebecca’s picture. I’ll fix it later. I had a jpg sizing issue, obviously.

Knowing Rob never reads this, I can safely say that Dartmouth might just offer more than NYC–because we can use it. In NYC, we’d be fighting to get our kids into a production of the nutcracker, or chinese classes. We’d skip the plays and such because after all, they’ll always be there. And as far as I know, free classical piano music while you dick around on your computer isn’t even offered.

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