Big Stuff Afoot!


So, none of what I planned to get done this afternoon got done, although, oddly, I cleaned part of the vegetable garden. Because, what with packing for Texas, finishing Rebecca’s dvd and package, finishing a pitch for my conference next week, doing a new post for the NHPR site I just started writing for, finishing the article for Parenting I wanted to have done before we left Friday…well, clearly what I really needed to do was work in the garden. Because we have LOA. (What the hell is that? See the previous post, please!)

But I digress (an excellent alternative title for this blog, btw).

Now we can plan. Now we can count. Here’s my secret plan: We’re in Seattle for Aliza’s wedding until May 27. I want to fly from there. It’s easier. It shaves 4 hours off our trip. It combines the craziness, and why not do that? It’s really reasonable, date-wise. Our agency won’t want to go for it. It’s going to make them nervous–too much planning too far ahead. I plan to spring it on them later. Rob I’m going to spring it on later tonight. He took all my mad sudden planning today very well (possibly because he was on his way out to play a last round of paddle tennis before the weather gets too warm to play, and don’t ask me to explain how that can be, because I can’t.) I do think it’s a good idea.

But–on to the most important subject tonight: Rebecca’s name. Now, Rebecca. A very good name, in fact. Solid. American. I like it. We’ll keep it. But we didn’t give it to her. And we do like naming. So we have some strong contenders for a middle or first name, and then we’ll see how it shakes out. I never, ever tell names beforehand, because the minute you do, someone says “Oh, I had a dog called that!” or “That was the name of the kid in third grade that everyone picked on!”.

But I’m going to do it now anyway. Here are the leading contenders:

  • Rebecca Rose, called “Rory”
  • Rebecca Claire
  • Audrey Rebecca
  • Rebecca Jade
  • Rebecca Elizabeth
  • Margaret Rebecca
  • Rebecca Skye (I suspect Rob’s just humoring me by leaving this one on)
  • Lucy Rebecca (much as I like this one, I think it’s out. Too many Lucy’s around already, plus it sounds like Lily. Ok, out.
  • We’re also adding a character to her Chinese name, but since I can’t type the characters and you can’t read them (neither can I) I will just leave them out, because that one has to both sound good and have the right meaning. I’ll get back to you.

    Really, I have to go do something else. Seriously.

    5 Responses to “Big Stuff Afoot!”

    1. JK says:

      I like ’em all, but the last two, that are probably going to go, are my least favs.

      I’m so thrilled for you!

    2. JK says:

      I was trying to figure out, among the first 6, if I liked one better, and I like them all best for different reasons.



      Get packing… luggage, not weapons, silly 😉

      Push push push for your agency to go ahead and get going on travel arrangement options so you’re ready to write the check, I mean, make the decision, about where you’d like to spend those first ten precious days of your life together.

      Thanks for your comment!

    4. G. Silva says:

      Do I get a vote? I like Rebecca Jade – it’s green and lovely and has that Asian connection. Rebecca Elizabeth is a mouthful, which is always a plus! Rebecca Claire is cute, unless she becomes a tomboy. You’re right about Lucy, which is too bad because it’s so cute. But Rebecca Lucy is also cute. I dunno. You could call her Rebecca Jehoshaphat and she’d still be one of the most beautiful girls on the planet.

    5. Cindy says:

      Loving Rebecca Rose aka Rory!