We Finally Learn to Fly

The three and I flew from Boston to Dallas today. It’s a four hour flight, but came in at 5 1/2 (plus) due to 1) delay on the ground but in the plane because of storms and 2) no gate when we finally DID land.

And you know what? It was fine. Sam and Wyatt sat in the row in front of Lily and I. Wy napped for the first hour or so after takeoff (that would be hour 2 on the plane, for those of you keeping score at home). There were ipods. There were Nintendos (thank you Suzi!). There were snacks and small cars, and Wyatt was allowed to crawl over the seat and into my lap for a few intervals.

And that was it. They fly a lot, all things considered–every family member they’ve got is a plane ride away–and it is what it is, and I felt like even Wyatt just got it. They never run around on a plane, so they didn’t expect too. They eat, they use small portable electronic devices, and occasionally they ask “when are we to Texas?” (Lily would trustingly point out the window. Where are we now? Illinois, I would declare, with total confidence and no basis at all for the statement. Oklahoma.)

So it was, in general, a good flight. (I can’t speak for the person who sat in front of Wyatt, though… I couldn’t actually see his feet.)

I have hope, that Seattle–with one extra adult–and China–with two! will be, well, not the Rocky Horror Freak Show from Hell we’ve been anticipating.

But I’m probably being overly optimistic, and maybe I should have written this while I was actually on the plane.

One Response to “We Finally Learn to Fly”

  1. JK says:

    I found flying SIGNIFICANTLY easier when T got to be 3….

    The difference between 2.7 and 3.4 was HUGE. (The last two times we flew as a family in T’s age.) You know we don’t fly as often as you do, but she was so amazing on the flight in January. Before she was three, last June, it was MUCH harder. I’m hoping it will be good for you!

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