The Double Trailer Bike

Today we acquired a–doubly used–double trailer bike. Also known as a double tag-a-long bike. In essence, it’s a tandem tag-a-long, because the riders must pedal in unison (although not with the adult doing the pulling).

We are, collectively, very, very thrilled. We–in the form of me, Lily and Sam–tried it out, for all of a block. A great deal of core strength is required to keep us upright, so I feel this will be very good for me, although I am more than a little dubious, for various reasons, of Sam and Lily’s plan that we will “ride the fifty” on it. Among other things, I don’t know who would undertake such a ride with us, because Sam’s friends are mostly, I think, planning on trying to ride 35 under their own steam. Maybe they would settle for the extended Tour de Taste. Or maybe we will try it. I’m not 100% sure exactly where we are going to use this, but we have big, big plans, so I’m sure something will become clear. Lily and I could, for example, pick Sam up at school.
On the ride home, we–and in this case the we means Sam, Lily and Wyatt, discussed, at length and one might even say ad infinitum, all of the various permutations of riding the double trailer bike that might be possible. Lily, with Wyatt behind her, Sam on his bike and Rory on the tag-a-long behind Daddy. Sam and Lily on the double and Wyatt and Rory in the actual bike trailer. Lily and Rory on the tag-a-long and…well, you get the picture. There were negotiations–who would sit in front? Why? Who would ride the solo tag-a-long and again, why?

They do this all the time. Who will sit next to who on the next airplane ride? What will who give who else for his or her birthday? Who will have what carseat? Who, on that long-awaited day when “Hanover Lollipop” opens, will work which shift? The plans, the negotiations are constant, and today I realized:

This is what happens when lawyers breed.

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