Wyatt’s Big Day

Wyatt’s Big Day

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I had a fabulous day with Wy. There was some suggestion, yesterday, that perhaps China hasn’t had a blanket flu-freakout, and that travel dates, for everyone who’s waiting on them, may come soon–and although I’m still hoping we’ll be heading out in June, I can be ok with SOME delay–just not infinite, or even indefinite, delay. It turns out that the combination of a little positive news and a beautiful day returned me to my usual overly-optimistic viewpoint. (Optimism invariably triumphs over experience for me, which explains a great deal about things like the number of pets we have, and why we give multiple annual parties).

Point being, I was able to enjoy a day with Wyatt that’s going to be a lot tougher to have once Rory is home. I make it a point to spend some solo time with each of the three, to the point of working it into the schedule once a week–which, since the schedule is subject to many, many variables, means it happens every other week, or two out of three. And Lily’s been shortchanged this spring, but I’m working on that. But today wasn’t on the schedule, it just fell together, and it was wonderful. Lily had a playdate, Sam had baseball and a birthday, and Wyatt and I had a bike with a bikeseat for him and nowhere in particular to be, so we just enjoyed being together.

Turns out that when Wy grows up, he plans to be a fireman–the one that drives the truck—to live in the “fire garage” with his best friend Trevor, and to sleep in bunk beds, which are located not, as you might imagine, in the “fire garage”, but on the truck. And I will also note that it’s a lot easier to say “ok” to one frappacino which will only be partially consumed than to three.

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