Somewhere Above Russia….

9 hours into the flight, and Wyatt has slept a little. We tried out the CARES/Kids Fly Safe seat belts. They are vastly easier to transport than a carseat but somewhat less comfy. Bug successes while the kids were awake, but when it came time to curl up in the seat and sleep, the chest strap gets in the way—being little, they don’t really have to stay upright. Overall, I’d call it a good purchase, though. Good for turbulance (we had some and it was sudden) and for a general reminder that you just have to stay in your seat.

Rob had the fist go with Wyatt and Sam, and I’d say he’s pretty tired, but they’ve been good. It’s just a lot of “help me with this” and “I’m tired of this”. I had the same thing with Lily, but my Mom switched with me for some, and she watched two movies (great in-flight on Continental).

A little less than 5 hours to go. I should grab some sleep, but I’m keyed up. Plus I brought five heavy magazines with the idea that I’d abandon them on the plane and I’ve only read two. I GUESS I could abandon them anyway…I find that hard to do. Well, one’s an old New Yorker, so that can go, but I really can’t give up two Vogues and an Atlantic.

I watched a movie. The Princess Diaries. Voluntarily, which may tell you something about why I’m a kids media reviewer. I’d never seen the whole thing, I also read and reviewed my last DoubleX book (middle grade, The Locked Garden, pretty good but not great). Last for the trip, I mean. And I did Rosetta Stone up to the point where it suddenly freaked and started demanding authorization. PITA. I bought it, I already authorized it.

We’re all enthusiastic, and planning a swim in the hotel pool and then dinner after we land. Really, this hasn’t been too bad. The seat-back movies make a HUGE difference. Less so for Wyatt, but it still helped. Hope Rory likes TV…

(Posted later, from the hotel)

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