Quarantine Fun, Day One, and a Panic

Duplicates, I know–I had some trouble uploading.
Ok, if all those swabs come back negative, I’ll be the best quarantine mother ever. I will make paper dolls, I will build card houses, I will teach sam to play chess. I will be 100% present, I swear.

We will know in an hour. If anyone is positive, it’s more quarantine for everyone, and the hospital for the positive person. The embassy has said they will intervene to make sure an adult can stay with a kid. I can’t even breathe for thinking about this.

If I don’t blog again, I guess you’ll know that’s what happened…
I wish we hadn’t brought the kids, for what it’s worth. The idea of the frightening experience I might be about to impose on Wyatt–if I’m taken away from him, if he’s sick, if he and I are both sick and can’t stay together…the inconvenience of everything else pales next to that. This wasn’t worth it. Not the adoption, but the trip. If I had it to do again I would make a different choice for both Wyatt and Lily. It’s no better if it’s Lily. Sam…he can take it, we will figure it out. We’ll figure it out. We’ll figure something out anyway, but oh, man.

I don’t have words.

2 Responses to “Quarantine Fun, Day One, and a Panic”

  1. Misty says:

    It looks like the kids are making the best of it. Use your resources with your new friend Eric. I’m so glad they are treating you like royalty. That may be your only glimmer in such a terrible situation.

  2. Mimi says:

    Hi! That was so fun to skype with you! I only wish one of the kids had been awake. Trevor fell asleep at 5:45pm so if he wakes in the middle of the night we’ll see if you’re online. I truly can not imagine what you are all going through and I am so sorry. We will keep you in our thoughts and hope, hope, hope that everyone is negative and you get out in a couple of days. You and the kids deserve huge credit for going through this. We will send more emails to entertain your kids for 5 seconds of their 24 hour day. I wish we could do more. You will make it through!