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The easiest number of children to deal with is always one fewer than
what you have. It’s been true every time and it’s true again. Rory had
to go get her tb test read, so I had breakfast at the buffet with just
these two, which last week I would have considered a chore. But they
know what they want to eat. They know to walk to the table. They can
be left eating by themselves as long as I can see them. I am used to

This is pretty intense. It’s good to have a break.

There is much drama concerning the tb test, which was neg but thy now
say has to be done again. It’s never ever good to be the first ones
thru a new system…

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7 Responses to “Regrouping”

  1. Jolene says:

    I am happy to hear the test was Negative, but that it has to repeated is…. It’s ridiculous! I’m so sorry you all have to go through it again.

  2. Misty says:

    Thinking of you guys! Hope you make it to Guangzhou soon!

  3. Lisen says:

    So true about one kid down for the usual! We are hoping that holds true for after Ali gets home too and that doing something with only four will feel like a piece of cake. And why the re-do on the TB test????????

    You’re almost done!


  4. Lisen says:

    Oops! I have NO idea why my last comment says “for the usual” b/c I swear I typed “than usual” but oh well!

  5. G. Silva says:

    Wow! You’ve come so far since last time I checked. I’ve been sick (not swine flu) so I haven’t been surfing the blogs as much. Rory is such a cutie! Sounds like she’s doing really well. Full of life… that’s a good thing. And don’t worry, everything always changes.

  6. Misty says:

    I hope all is well with you guys. Thinking of you…

  7. shirlee says:

    I’m so glad you’re almost at the end!