How Lucky We Are

How Lucky We Are

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Four kids, so far, is surprisingly not orders of magnitude more
difficult than three. (of course, we cheated by not adding a baby).
Things I expect to be difficult–like taking two three year olds who
are asleep in the car to the grocery store, or taking them all to the
pool–so far have underceded my expectations. (Is that a word? It
should be.)
If the difficult days are yet to come–the teenage years, say, or even
the start of school–so be it. For now we are rocking along.
We haven’t even had our first emergency room visit yet, and if you
have seen Rory in action you will know that’s something. Actually the
most likely victim is Wyatt, following along, confident that anything
she can climb or jump, he can climb or jump. I think this game of
Annie Oakley may not turn out well in the end…
KJ Dell’Antonia
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