Why Are You POKING Her?

I don’t understand. Not that Lily and Wyatt don’t touch one another, or bug one another occasionally–but Rory they feel compelled to constantly poke. If she is sitting on a barstool, one of them is touching her feet. If she is on the couch, one of them is on top of her, prodding her. If she is wandering around, someone is following her–touching her. They poke her in the car, they prod her in the stroller, they nudge her at the dinner table. Do they not believe she’s real? Do they not believe that she will scream and push them away? Because I guarantee that she will. She will scream, she will growl, she will push their hands away–and who could blame her?

And then they will poke some more, and I will tell them not to, and they will do it again and either a) Rory will hit someone and get yelled at or b) the poker will get sent to his or her room. It’s a delicate dance depending a great deal on who appears to have transgressed more at the moment, and I am tired of it.

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