A “Camp” Milestone

Tonight we sent all four kids to the kids’ dinner at the hotel where we’re staying on Cape Cod. All together, all in their matching striped shirts. Lily and Sam went when we were here once before, so they were into it–Lily especially–and that brought Wyatt along, and Rory just know of got swept up. I’m honestly not a hundred percent sure that she understood that Rob and I wouldn’t go too. But she went.

We sat on the veranda (freezing, unfortunately, the weather’s taken a turn for the worse) and at one point they marched by, a camp counselor with Wyatt holding one hand and Rory the other. Everyone looked happy. But the real victory came when we went to pick them up–and she came tearing towards us, shrieking Mommy my mommy–and then went back to the group, because she didn’t want to leave. She ate. She marched. She drew a map. She sat in a circle while other kids talked about their maps. And she went potty. Apparently there were a few tears, after dinner–I don’t think we’d really mentioned that there would be more activities after dinner, although to Lily and Wyatt that was the whole point–and then a happy recovery. Chatham Bars Inn Beach Buddies rocks. As does Rory. I’m so proud of her!

It will be interesting to see if she wants to go back in the morning. The other kids do–Sam’s group is building gingerbread treasure chests and the younger kids are off to the Fire Station and then the playground. In general, I think Rory would let Godzilla take her to a playground. But we’ll see.
It was also fun pointing out to her that SHE was the one who left and came back! I asked her if she would “always come back” and she said yes, she would.

I can’t believe this worked out. Feelin’ pretty good, here.

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