Meeting the Guo Jis

We met up with the Guo Jis today. Much, much bonding. Among those adults crazed enough to adopt themselves into biggish although not huge families–or possibly those women crazy enough to come up with it, and those men crazy enough to marry said women. But no, let us admit that we are all crazy, and that that craziness seems to spread into other attitudes–about life, mountain biking and its importance, many although not all general child-rearing practices and, I suspect, two truly deep inner convictions: first, that it will all work out in the end, and second, that nothing worth doing is without its difficulties. Or maybe it’s just that we all collectively decided, at some earlier point, that the principal “well, that seems like a good idea” was a good one upon which to base all successive lifetime decisions.

Meanwhile, the children of the aforesaid parents also bonded. I’m not sure I really want to explore why. But even the newest members of the families hesitantly extended crackers to one another and smiled when told they were sharing.

Really, and a little more seriously, it was really, really good just to be with people who’ve boarded this boat with us. We didn’t even talk that much about adoption–or maybe we did, and it’s just that there is so much to be said that it felt like we barely touched the subject. But I’ve been thinking lately that what I need is more BTDT support, and lots of it. So it was good to find some.

Ok, gotta go watch WEEDS now. It’s just too distracting.

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