A Thing I Hate About Breakfast

If I’m in the kitchen making lunches (or, ideally, sticking the already packed sandwiches, etc, into the lunch boxes) during breakfast, they’re all lined up across from me at the bar. This seems to alert some sort of inner “soda bar” facility deep in the brain, as the combination of the bar, the kitchen and the breakfast makes them conclude that I am a waitress. A bored waitress. So if I’l there, they spend all of their eating time thinking of…other things they’d like to eat and/or drink.
Can I have some chocolate milk? I don’t want toast, I want cereal. Can I have another piece of watermelon? Can I have a piece of cheese?
If I DO have to make lunch it’s far worse. First, it’s I want a sandwich now! I want a piece of ham! I want popcorn!
Then, I don’t want THAT in my lunch! Not a ham sandwich, turkey! Not popcorn, goldfish! Not applesauce, strawberries! Can i have chocolate milk in my lunch…

And the thing is, they tend not to be unreasonable requests. They just make me react unreasonably!
Better to hand over the breakfast, and flee.

One Response to “A Thing I Hate About Breakfast”

  1. This is why I am the mean mom and make them eat hot lunch at school which they hate. I said I would be in heaven if my kids could ride the bus and eat hot lunch ….it’s what I need to survive. LOL