Feeling bleh

We had such a great day yesterday that today couldn’t really be anything but a letdown. Let’s see…didn’t get through some work stuff, didn’t get ravioli made, didn’t make last batch of tarts, didn’t clean out closet, haven’t yet made lunches…Saturdays are WAY better than Sundays. There are a bunch of dids, but my mood is wrong to focus on those.

Sam had hockey tryouts this weeked. He did make one of the travel teams, but the second tier one. Younger kids than him made the first tier. I don’t know if he’ll be disappointed, or just glad to be on a team. I do know that he will be very glad to have scored the coach he did, and happy with at least one teammate–as in, really, happy, he likes all the kids–so there’s that, for cure. But I can’t really tell if it’s going to be a disappointment. I’m a little bummed for him. I wait for him to find the one thing where he’s the standout star, or at least top level, and so far, he hasn’t found it–or if he has, I haven’t spotted it. Do I want it for him, or for me? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that I fear he’s inherited a certain laziness that I know lurks within me.

I hope he’s happy. He tends to be one to make the best of things and see the bright side right away–let’s hope this is one of those times, if he’s not!

2 Responses to “Feeling bleh”

  1. shirlee says:

    The age old question – who’s getting more from our kids’ accomplishments? Us? Or Them?

    I always feel disappointed for my kids when they don’t achieve their goals. My oldest son played in a particular piano concerto competition five years in a row. He came in second five years in a row. He’d probably still be competing and coming in second if we hadn’t moved out of the area. Second place was a great accomplishment, but first place meant performing with a professional orchestra, so my son was always disappointed.

    I was always disappointed for him.

    My daughter got held back in ballet this year because everyone in her group from last year is old enough for pointe work. Sassy is only eight. Way too young for pointe. Plus, she’s only been dancing one year, so she needs extra work on her core and her technique. It was a hard pill for her to swallow, and I felt soooo sorry for her.

    One thing I always tell my kids, it is easy when we get what we’ve been working for (whether it is a place on the soccer team, advancement in the arts, winning a competition, or that next writing contract), but if life were always easy, we would have nothing to work for and nothing to dream of.

    BTW, I am SO blah and blehk and NOT ready for all the kids to be up and moving through their days. Wish we lived in the same small town, we could take my big kids and your little kids to the park and let them run off some energy while we moaned about being bleh!

    Oh, and I was never a standout star at anything when I was a kid. I had very accomplished siblings. Me? I much preferred reading and daydreaming.

  2. Nancy says:

    He may get more playing time being a better player on the B team than being on the 3rd or 4th line of the A team.

    Being a not so dedicated Hockey Mom, I’m thrilled that my daughter just wants to play Rec league as I’m not sure I could take the activity level of the travel teams (3-5 ice touches a week). For Rec, we practice once and have one game. And there is WiFi at all the rinks to keep me sane.