Tonight They Played Monopoly

Sam and Lily’s favorite friends came over tonight, and all was quiet and peaceful in the playroom–oddly so. Rory was taking advantage of some snuggle time on the couch with the grown-ups (I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that was kind of annoying, but I try to keep in mind that her “family age” is different from her real age, and she needs all the snuggle time she can get), but what were the others doing?

Playing Monopoly. This was a first, an absolute, 100% first. A game, taken neatly out of the cabinet, arrayed appropriately, money laid out, dice rolled (that was Wyatt’s job) and Lily on one side, holding her own against the pair of 8-year-olds on the other (with, I’d imagine, at least some mathematical help. Although she has the killer instinct, that one).

Just when you think things will never change, they do.

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