The Person I Want to Be

The Person I Want to Be

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Today, after school and Sam’s early dismissal and a fairly lengthy
incident that seemed as if it was all Wyatt’s fault for having a
temper tantrum and hitting me in the preschool parking lot but was
really my fault for running late, we made snickerdoodles. Sam and I
put the ingredients together, Lily ran the mixer and everbody rolled
balls on cinnamon and sugar, and everyone was happy, and Sam said,
these are my friend Andy’s favorite cookies, can we take him some, and
Andy’s family is one of our favorite families, and we did.

All packaged up and cute, and looking exactly like what I always
imagine we will do at the holidays (which is why we have the boxes in
the first place). I want to be the kind of person who takes my lovely
friends cookies at Christmas. I want, also, to be the kind of person
who is calm and consistent with her kids, and who leaves plenty if
time to do what’s important and doesn’t try to do what’s not. Even
with our little box of cookies, I fell woefully short today. In fact I
feel a little guilty about the cookies, which are in a small way a
lie. I am not that person, just as I am neither the adoptive parent I
imagined I’d be nor the one I imagine people see when we meet. I am an
ok person, barely and kind of, on a good day at the right time.
Although, given time and space, I really DO make cookies.
KJ Dell’Antonia
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2 Responses to “The Person I Want to Be”

  1. Shelley says:

    Love it – me too. I sometimes bake cookies, but am seldom the “together” AP I’m sure others see. Good words. Sorry about the yuck in your day. 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    I want to be that person too. I was definitely not liking myself tonight as the cashier at the grocery store asked how I was doing and I asked “Do you REALLY want to know?”

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