Mellow, Relatively Speaking

Mellow, Relatively Speaking

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This was yesterday, actually, at the bookstore. Lily read a Dora book
that I refused to read–which was of course a serious bonus. Coffee
was had, a small tantrum thrown for reasons too dull to describe here
(suffice to say that no, I won’t buy TWO copies of Berenstein Bears
Valentine’s Party–in fact, I can’t believe I bought one.)

And we skied a few runs, had a Lily friend over and her mom for dinner
and hung. I made chocolate pretzel mix in vast quantities, and muffins
in slightly smaller numbers. And again, as on so many days lately,
things were just easy and good. Let me say there is nothing like
babies to make preschoolers look easy, and nothing like the rough
summer we had to make putting on three sets of ski boots and helmets
look like a walk in the park. I have been reading Commited–new book
from Eat Pray Love’s author–and it’s funny, because what was so
difficult for her–a year wandering from country to country trying to
get a Visa for her fiancé–I can only understand the stress of that in
an intellectual level. It’s like escapist literature for me–she
doesn’t know what will happen or if they’ll stay together! But they’re
in Laos – and not quarantined! Can she really get married again? I
dunno, but they’re on Bali with no kids! WaHoo!
I get her troubles, but I keep projecting my self on the situation.
Like watching Lost in Translation. All I could think was, I’d kill to
be alone in Tokyo for a month! Go buy a book! Explore!

KJ Dell’Antonia
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