One Sparkly Day


One Sparkly Day

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Post day exhaustion. THis was also me, trying out the multiple photo share option on the iPhone. Turns out they each come as a separate email.  Ok, got it.

I love this picture–had to sneak to get it. I suspect Miss Thumb does not want to be recorded like this, although we’ve never objected to her thumb-sucking at all–in fact, we love it. For one thing, it helps her sleep, and for another, she’s always got her most soothing thing with her. And finally–come on, she’s going to need orthodontics anyway, how much worse could it get?

We also had a playdate today, with two brothers–they were on sleds, too, but I didn’t post their pics. Rory struggles some with playdates. She’s used to having a bigger share of attention (she has a hard time playing with BOTH Lily and Wyatt, too, although they’re always game). She’s not quite sure what to do with lesser known kids. And I suspect that so many people speaking at once is hard, and exhausting. So once they’re outside, it’s easier for her to relate–less talk, more walk! But a good time was had by all in the end.

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