I did the right thing, in case you were wondering

But I’m not going to go into details. And actually, all this reclusiveness and the MRRPHS and the Thingy and the HH wasn’t because I’m worried about my fellow parents involved in Thingy. Actually, it was all reasonably civil, and although some ugly things happened they were reasonably civil ugly things, and I will have an interesting story to tell everyone one of these days. Nah, the parents within Thingy–I mean, I’d already written a litter, so saying I’m all for HH, in many more specific ways than are possible here, would not be a big deal.

No, what I was worried about (and still am, a little, because Thingy isn’t that hard to figure out if you live around here) was that one of my fellow locals would read a more detailed post regarding Thingy, and be amused, and pass it around, and there might be guessing of various personalities involved, and it would all blow up into something rather bigger than even the rather too big thing it DID blow into. Because it’s a long, hard winter here, and there isn’t enough snow to nordic ski at the moment, and we all get a little bored, even with all the Thingy and the Whatnot and the Whoopty Toodle and the associated meetings.

The thing is, I don’t like gossip. Or at least, I do like gossip–I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good super-juicy scoop–but I don’t. Because too often, someone has offered me a piece of gossip about a friend, or told me something that I didn’t want to know and then couldn’t erase. And that’s really all it was. I just don’t want to add to the grist mill!

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