Grandma is barfing, so…

Grandma is barfing, so…

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Grandpa steps up. That’s Fox in Socks: a level five reading challenge.
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  1. Donna (Warren) Fierbaugh says:

    Karin- My oh my!! I am in shock and speechless that I have just found your blog. What a beautiful family you have! The small amount of perusing I’ve done tonight has been entertaining and endearing to see this small glimpse of your life. (I’m looking forward to more time in the days ahead to dig deeper into your “history.”)

    Just how I found your site is the reason for my shock. We are currently finishing up our “paper chase” to adopt a girl from China. My husband is out of town on business and once my kiddos are in bed, my current nightly routine (obsession?) is to surf various adoption websites and blogs. Somehow following links from site to site, I ended up at yours!

    You know what’s even more bizarre… Lyn Kendrick also has a daughter from China. What are the odds? Last year I reconnected through Facebook with Shawna Maechtlen. Guess I’ll need to tell her its time to submit her adoption application to complete the group of old roomies! (Ha! Ha!)

    Well, it’s way getting late and the alarm buzzes early. Drop me a note when you get some time!