Any Chance You’re Thinking of Adoption?

Toying with it, maybe–kinda just thinking hey, what-if…

I have a feeling you’re out there. Email me or post a comment and ask me to email you. (No one can see your address but me.)

It is so hard, and you should totally do it. There are so many kids out there, Rory’s age and a little older, that need the life we have.

5 Responses to “Any Chance You’re Thinking of Adoption?”

  1. Heather says:

    We would love to adopt again ( just brought home our 2yr old last month ) but money is such a determining factor. Good luck spreading the word!

  2. shirlee says:

    So true, Lola. And, really, it’s a symbiotic thing. In some strange and visceral way, we need them. Really, they make us better people. Not just adopted kids. All kids.

    I’d go back in a heartbeat if my husband wanted to. He’s mentioned it a couple of times, but just in passing. I said never again when we got home, but that’s changed.

  3. Kelly Morant says:

    You already know how I feel!!! You suggested that book to me and it was brilliant…. and has spurred me on to reading more and more.

    Any info you have that would be helpful to us in the UK would be gratefully received!!!

  4. Lynn S says:

    Oh my gosh, just today I am having this overwhelming desire to adopt again even though we do not have the money. My husband says no, I asked him to think about it. We adopted our daughter in Nov. 06, she was 2. I am really wanting to do this, just not sure how we can.

    please email me:)


  5. Karrie says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Just working on getting my husband on board.
    Special needs todler boy is the plan!!!
    Wish me luck… LOTS of luck. 🙂