A New Family Holiday: Light Stuff on Fire Day!


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So, I think this makes a fine addition to the Friday Festival of Sugar and Fat. I had cardboard that would never fit into recycling (in our world, it it’s bigger than 2′ by 2′ the recycling guys throw it back on your driveway, and I think they pee on it first, because they hate their lives), and I thought, well, why not burn it? And while we are out it, why not put some wood on, and then burn other things?

They made hot dogs, melted chocolate onto fruit, roasted mini marshmellows, because that’s all we had. Made “nachos” and toasted bread. And after a while, i left them to it. That’s Sam’s 11-year-old bud, but much of the time it was just Sam and Lily, and even some Rory and Wyatt, and nobody fell into the fire, or burned themselves, or suffered in any way other than reeking of smoke, and I felt very proud, like I’d given them a day out of the Boy’s Book of Dangerous stuff, or whatever it is.  It was a triumph of lazy parenting.

One Response to “A New Family Holiday: Light Stuff on Fire Day!”

  1. G. Silva says:

    Wow. Nice setup. A whole lot better than mine, which is just a pit I dug into the ground.

    We won’t be burning anything this year, because we feel that two is such an awkward age to be near fire. However, Cloud hasn’t done anything mindblowingly stupid to the woodstove (yet) so it’s possible we’ll burn things again next year.