Easter Bunny Questions

It’s such a beautiful weekend…the Easter Bunny would like to hide the baskets and eggs outside! (The Easter Bunny is mischievous in our house, a tradition that dates back to the time my mother forgot to put out my basket, but left it where she’d hidden it from me originally, which I think was on top of the china cabinet, and then claimed that the Easter Bunny MUST have hidden it (good save Mom, esp. at 6 am!).)

Anyway, the Easter Bunny thinks if she hides them now, bears may taste the candy before kids do. But if she doesn’t, she has to set the alarm for 5:30 am. And what if she just accidentally rolls over? Oh, the dilemma and the humanity. But if she DOES, she could hide the eggs then too, which is always a problem due to the refrigeration issue (she thought the bunny would hide plastic eggs, but Sam says not.)

Easter bunny is making sure the coffee is ready to rock and roll.

We colored eggs tonight–I forgot to take pictures!–and I didn’t notice that SOMEBODY (who shall remain nameless) was just rushing to grab as many eggs as possible, dump them into the yellow dye that was right in front of SOMEBODY and then pull them out instantly, with the result that SOMEBODY had colored 8 of the 22 eggs before anybody else (particularly more careful older siblings who were dying stripes and such in our fancy Pez coloring cups and waiting for a turn with the single magic crayon) had done more than two. There were tears. Fortunately yellow–especially light yellow–is a pretty easy color to cover up with other colors.

I think next year I may go all out and get TWO pez kits. Imagine the richness!

One year, my mother found this contraption that colored on the eggs with markers. You fit the egg into it somehow, and got a marker in, and turned a lever sort of thing and the egg went around in a circle while the marker drew a stripe on it. It was magical.

But I just got Pez.

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  1. the-guy says:

    it was magical 🙂