Lily Rocks the Hula Hoop (and more)

Lily Rocks the Hula Hoop (and more)

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Lily had a friend’s festive birthday party, obviously, which she attended with enthusiasm today. It was all of 40 degrees here, but still an improvement over yesterday’s rain, which just went on and on. I am a little grumpy…we had our big annual party sort of thing here Friday night, a museum auction, and I had such a good time that it’s a little bit of a letdown when it’s over. It’s the kind of event where everybody is s big fish in our little pond.

I have been intensely busy with work, and I realized that this week will just be last week, redux, because I didn’t actually FINISH any of the biggish projects hanging over my head. Far from it…if I just get one actually done it will go a long way, and I have to in any case. One has an absolute deadline this week. In a related piece of amusing personal trivia, I vowed last week to sound more time focusing and less going back and forth on email and websites, etc. That last is part of two of my three continuing jobs, but I can and should corral it to just part of my day. I was very successful in shifting my focus, actually. So successful that I got three parking tickets in four days. Time to come back to actually working at home, not in the coffee shop. Anyway, it’s another crazy week ahead, but on the other hand– three regular gigs! Last year at this time I’d only just scored one.

One of the major projects in focus is a book proposal. Pretty much a memoir of last year, and adoption, and how it’s changed me and my attitudes towards adoption. Much of it has me in a pretty unattractive light…I was both extremely selfish and blind and sometimes actively mean for large chunks of the last year, and lots of it isn’t fun to write about. But on the other hand, going back there has the perverse effect of making me both somewhat depressed, but also more tolerant. I am very aware of what a lousy parent I have been at times, and determined to do better. About which, I am sure, more later.


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