I Dunno…

Meh. It’s summer. This makes me happy.
I bonked, halfway through a DoubleX post today that I wNted to write, in fact, told people I would write–three hours later, there I was with the same single paragraph. I can tell you that is not an economically sustainable business model. This makes me unhappy.
Rory is having a delightful touch of nighttime regression, refusing to go to sleep, romping about her room, kicking, jumping and building forts until all hours. Unfortunately her room is also everyone else’s room…also, picking up things that aren’t hers and wandering off with them, and a return to scissors and the need to cut, cut, cut at paper. Can she know it’s been a year? Does she sense that? Is that it?
I think I need to get some sleep.
The blog went down for a few days, are a few posts…time for some blog repair, too. Oh, but that’s exactly what I don’t have–time for blog repair. Oh, but I have time for every thing I really WANT to do…oh, I am just going crazy.
Should I axe the blog post? Or just try to finesse it, write it off without saying anything much? I did that last night, tho. We are supposed to be thoughtful writers with a unique perspective, and feel more like a mushy writer with a blurry perspective…
Here’s the question–is ” radical homemaking” fun if it’s all you can afford? Do you have to try to make it fun, or are you allowed to want the option of buying yogurt instead of making your own? When did we decide you had to make a virtue out of every necessity in that way? It’s not my question, but another writer’s. I just wanted to say something about it, and I tuned out to have very little to say…

3 Responses to “I Dunno…”

  1. G. Silva says:

    When people made everything they had, they didn’t have much. If they spent all day baking bread and milking cows, they didn’t spend all evening making yogurt. They didn’t have any carpets to vacuum or lawns to landscape or closets full of professional-quality handmade clothes and practical shoes.

    The problem with making everything by hand is that our standard of living has increased so much that a real old-fashioned lifestyle doesn’t work anymore.

    I think it’s great to add a few DIY projects to your life. Make yogurt if you want to. Grow a backyard full of veggies. But what good is ideology if it’s gratuitously limiting your options? Time is worth something, too. Sometimes it’s more affordable to buy something than to bake it, if there are other things you need to do with your time.

    I hope this phase of Rory’s ends quickly.

  2. Liz says:

    I hope you continue the blog. I started reading when you and your family were quarantined in China and have been reading ever since!

  3. Lisen says:

    Welcome home from TX! And two things:

    Could Rory be regressing a bit thanks to a trip to TX and no more school combo? That’s a couple of non-normals that could be throwing her routine off enough with whatever developmental stuff she’s going through right now too. We’ve been trying to come up with changes in one’s little life that could be throwing Chloe backwards lately too. All we can come up with is the routine of school is gone and we are in Maine. She’s been here lots of times but it still isn’t her regular home.

    And…when women made/milked/scrubbed by hand all the household necessities they definitely did NOT have an internationally adopted child. Probably not even a transracially adopted child. Probably if they had any adopted child, the child never knew a thing about being adopted. All those issues add to a mom’s household relm. And BTW, Jason’s mom made their yogurt and he hated it. 🙂