Tonight’s Project

Tonight’s Project

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Lily got the bed for her birthday. A friend made it. Tonight we made
the bedding. Glue gun city!

I’ve been wanting to sit down with Lily and do this for weeks, ever since the bed came. I mean, a plain bed with no sheets is no fun. Today I blew off a chunk of work and took her to Kmart for the sheets we used as fabric, and then actually sat down and did it tonight instead of putting her off, and I am so glad we did. Rory “helped.” Lily cut and covered some extra foam for pillows all on her own, because a project is no fun if you’re just watching, right?

This played into my effort to put more presence and enjoyment into our life together instead of viewing it all as drudgery, and it was funny, because that’s exactly what I was writing about for Slate’s XX Factor today. But I’m too tired and incoherent to put any ore thoughts together about the various ironies involved.

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