Mandatory Natural Childbirth

The resulting baby, with her babies. She had very positive baby-acquiring experiences.

I hear a lot of women complaining about the way doctors and hospitals treat them during labor. Pushing epidurals, requiring pitocin, being generally unsympathetic to requests to limit intervention. Taffy Brodesser-Akner has written about her birth for both Self and Salon, and it’s a true horror story–a doctor who broke her water against her wishes and circumstances that only went downhill from there. Brodesser-Akner didn’t necessarily want an all-natural birth. She just wanted to be listened to and treated with respect. She wasn’t.

Writing for Babble’s Being Pregnant blog, Ceridwen Morris points out that any birth can be a positive experience. It’s less about the details than about being treated with kindness and respect at a vulnerable time. I see her point–and I would have to say that I was treated with kindness and respect for all three of my births. But ironically, my most positive childbirth experience was the one where no one listened to me at all.

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But yes, the punchline of the whole thing is that for number four, no birth. But we all know that had its disadvantages too…

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