When Putting Your Kids on Reality TV is Good for Your Career (and you’re not an actress)

Let’s say you’re the owner of a small but popular bakery and a gifted cake decorator with aspirations to be, say, the next Colette Peters. But how do you get there? Baking celebrity cakes would help. Writing a book, ditto. But somehow you’ve got to get the attention of the celebrities, and publishers insist that a book needs a “platform.” “Who’s going to buy a book by an unknown baker,” they demand, while you’re left moaning “but how do I become a known baker without a book?” Meanwhile, you’re juggling triplets, running the bakery and soothing a husband who’s one–tenth occasional (and subversive) bakery staff and nine-tenths Mr. Mom. You’re at a standstill.

Enter TLC.

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THis interests me, because I think it’s slightly analgous to writing about your kids, especially in the sometimes extremely personal way that I do. So I may be biased. If TLC does pick up this show, thought, it will be worth watching just for the Mr. Mom element. I love that it’s her career and her bakery at the center of things. It’s kind of interesting that they didn’t market it that way.

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