When to Nix the 5-Second Rule (and When You’re Good to Chew)

Half-eaten chicken on the kitchen floor? Think twice.

Do I even have to define the 5-second rule for you? Of course not. It’s long since passed from winking mom commentary into the national vernacular. In fact, it’s moved from folk lore to science: there are actually multiple studies on when the “rule,” beloved of parents whose kids have dropped their only teething biscuit to the sidewalk, applies. So, does the 5-second rule stand up to science?

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There’s no great back story to this one, except to say that I’ve utterly brainwashed Rory on this question, and she won’t eat the most innocuous thing that’s touched the cleanest piece of ground unless I taste it first.

Also, if the link doesn’t work, oops. I’m trying a new linking thing. I’ll fix it later if it fails.

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