Oprah’s Dr. Phil to Unhappy SAHM: You Made a Deal

Love O magazine. Not loving Dr. Phil.

From this month’s O Magazine, perhaps the most off-base advice Dr. Phil has ever given. To a SAHM unhappy without her career, Dr. Phil says, in essence, tough. “Bloom where you’re planted” has never sounded so patronizing.

A mother of two writes in, saying that she and her husband agreed, before having kids, that she would stay home until they were in full-time school. Now that the kids, aged 2 and 4, are actually here, demanding snacks and generally absorbing all of her energy, she’s realized she can’t actually maintain her career as a freelance web designer when she’s “running after the boys all day.”

She wants to go back to work. Her husband wants her to stay home. And Dr. Phil comes down firmly on the side of the “deal.” If your husband (oh, lord and master) won’t alter the “terms of your agreement,” he says, that unhappy SAHM should “stick it out” for another four years.

Anyone else want to tell Dr. Phil where to stick it? Click here for the full exchange and my rant on Babble.

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