One. More. Day.

I’m not exactly ready for school to start. It’s just that, given that it’s going to start, that the inevitable march of time will draw us inexorably onward, I would just as soon things START ALREADY. There’s this whole processing and adjusting and sorting thing coming at us like a freight train, and in my head, I’m already on it. But in reality, of course, I just have to let it spin out.

Tonight we nibbled at it. Sam and Lily will have piano every Monday from 4:30-5:30, and that started today. Piano takes place next to a wonderful playground, and will, I think, inevitably end in us out to dinner, as it did tonight. Dinner was Chinese, where they love us but are unsure what to make of us, and would like to fuss over Rory but are stymied by the fact that she doesn’t see any reason why they would.

We’ve come to realize that Rory is a total and complete patsy for reverse psychology, so much so that it’s laughable. My efforts tend to be edged towards the sarcastic (now, don’t sit here at the table where you can actually see the cartoon you’ve all begged to watch during breakfast, because that would be bad…) but Rob is totally good at it. With dinner they brought a little dish of pickled cucumber, the kind of thing, oddly, that they all like, but Rory didn’t want to try it.

Rob took a bite. “mmmm! This is good! But it’s mine. You can’t have any.”
Rory notices that Wyatt, Sam and Lily have some. “that not yours! That for sharing!”
Rob: “nope. It’s mine, all for me, and you can’t have any.”
Rory: “I want some of that!”
Rob: “No, I told you, it’s mine!
Rory begins to fake cry and Rob sighs. “ok, you can have just one bite.”

She ate half the plate and snatched the last two pieces back from the waiter when he came to clear. I can’t believe it works, and I’m not sure I can bring myself to do it without that knowing edge…but man, did it ever work! Of course, it’s risky…I can just see her calling my bluff. I think this may be Daddy’s special thing.

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  1. Lisen says:

    Works for Chloe almost always too. I wish I could get some of mine to piano lessons.