One is better than two

One is better than two

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The cookie in front is an orange kiss. The one Rory is eating is
chocolate chip. The choice was two small kisses or one big chocolate
chip. Wyatt loves the kisses. In fact, they are why we are here.

Rory chose two kisses over one chocolate chip. She didn’t like the
kisses. I knew she wouldn’t, but it wasn’t worth arguing. Lily does,
so I saved them for her and went ahead and bought the chocolate chip,
leading to the following conversation:

Me: see? One chocolate chip is better than two orange kisses.

Rory: No.

Me: but you don’t like orange kisses! One of something you like is
better than two of something you don’t.

Rory: no it’s not.

Me: yes! Because you don’t even LIKE the kisses!

Rory: no. Two is better.


KJ Dell’Antonia
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