Or Don’t Delegate…

Of course, tonight I ended up making lunches…

I have a neighbor, and fellow blogger ( I LOVE reading blogs of people I actually know) who does “Parenting on Track.” I haven’t read up on it, so I only know about the program through her and others’ stories, but I always want to argue with the absolutes that the systems seem to impose. For example, I’m pretty sure you can never, ever pack your kid’s lunch for him or her. But today it was my call, not theirs, to have them follow up an after school activity with dinner out, leaving scant time for homework before sleep. To which we added the repair of one halloween costume and the making of another.

I guess the good parenting thing would have been to skip dinner. But that puts making it in a timely way after a piano lesson ending at 5:30 on my plate, and cleaning up after it, too. Don’t I get to stay sane in these systems? Not that I’m using the system. I’m just intrigued by it. Said neighbor’s kids are pretty great.

One Response to “Or Don’t Delegate…”

  1. Catha Lamm says:

    Hey neighbor and fellow blogger – Thanks for the mention and the compliment re our girls! “Absolutes” is not a term I would associate with Parenting on Track, but I can see how it might seem that way. Consistency is certainly important, but so is flexibility and democracy, although you might have to read our entire journey to see that.