Fireflies, the Musical Version

I seem to remember someone in some book or another making fun of the way, in musicals, suddenly everyone bursts out singing. This is not, of course, the way of the real world, particularly if you live, as I do, in a pretty deep swamp of cynicism accompanied by a healthy dose of irony. I mean, I might burst out singing, but it would be meta-singing, in which I totally understood how goofy it was to burst out singing.

My children don’t live in that world. Sitting at the bar tonight doing their homework, either Sam or Lily began to sing “Fireflies.” The other joined in. Pretty soon, Wyatt wandered in and, sitting beneath them pushing a toy car, picked up at the next verse, and there they all were, singing, and part of me thought, man, CUTE, and part of me thought hmm, Hanson brothers, big bucks and another part of me was thinking, ok, let’s just download a Partridge Family album and be done with it.

It really was cute. They do it fairly often, which kind of suggests they would like me to p,ay more music around the house, but I am a big fan of quiet. Not that it’s ever really quiet, but…

On the down side, I have Fireflies totally stuck in my head.

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