Awesome breakfast.

Awesome breakfast.

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Yum! I’m on a healthy eating binge, and this is truly my favorite incarnation of that. Fruit, yogurt, honey, granola.

I’m committed to a 25 mile, 3000 vertical feet bike ride in, um, 16 days. And I have ridden the trainer bike in the basement ONCE. Today my riding partner and I are going to brave the cold. It’s 20 now, we will see what it is in 2 hours!

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2 Responses to “Awesome breakfast.”

  1. slawebb says:

    Still cold here too. But we might actually live in the same state. 🙂 I’m committed to running a 5K in May. It’ll be much warmer then. I’m walk/ running 3 mornings a week on the treadmill. I’ve never done anything like this before. Hope you do awesome! And it gets a bit warmer!

  2. Lisen says:

    It got up to 30 here! Hope you had a good ride. You’ll do great.

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