Call and Response

Call and Response

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I know, you can’t see what’s going on. Suffice it to say that we are waiting for Sam to come out of school (Lily has a playdate), and I can hear how their messing around together goes WAY to well. It goes like this:

Wyatt comes up to see what I am doing. Making a list, I say, and he tries to read it, while behind him:

Rory: Wyatt tickle me! Tickle me! I see your feet! I see your butt!
Wyatt: Does that say "Stos?"
Me: Shoes. It says shoes.
Rory: Tickle me! I’m ready! Why you won’t do something with me?
Wyatt returns to back seat. Mutual giggling and shrieking ensues and then:
Rory: He hurt me!!! Wyatt hurt me!
Wyatt: I sat on her.

Aaaargh! I’ve been just separating them whenever anything happens without regard to fault. I THINK that’s the right thing to do, but I know Wyatt takes advantage of it, or I think he does. I admit that the level of invitation that Rory issues is high. She practically begs people to whack her–but I don’t want them to take her up on it!!!

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