A Stompin’ Flickerin’ Good Time

I’ve written before about how loudly Rory walks. My theory is that she’s afraid if she can’t hear herself move, no one knows she exists. Like a lonely tree on the forest or something.

Tonight she stomped so loudly across the upstairs that the lights downstairs flickered. This surely says something about our wiring, but that aside, I need this to at least ease up–so I have an evil plan. No, it’s not the destompinator (that may be next). I’m going to praise the other kids for how quietly they walk. Wow, Wyatt, I’m going to say, you brushed your teeth upstairs and I didn’t even hear you! Wow, Lily, you walked so quietly across the kitchen!

I’m NOT going to do the reverse. I am NOT going to make a big fuss about the stomping (which is actually the rare Rory trait that bugs me that I have never said anything to her about). I am certain she doesn’t do it on purpose–or at least, I think she stomps because she likes the noise, but not to bug me. And we really don’t need me to be on her about this. I feel like I’m on her enough for real stuff. This is just a little thing. As long as the lights hold up, anyway.

I think it will work. Of course, I think she will say “Am I so quiet walking mama? Are you so pleased?” but it will be WORTH IT.

One Response to “A Stompin’ Flickerin’ Good Time”

  1. Cheryl M. says:

    Great idea! I’ll have to remember that technique for both my boys.

    Check the light-bulbs – sometimes, lots of jostling from jumping or stomping will make them get loose. (Trust me on this – my 5yo is a terror and shakes our whole house!) 🙂