Moshi Monster Surrender

My babysitter’s daughter has been going online occasionally with the three younger kids to play Moshi Monsters. I’ve staunchly refused to let them do this at home, largely because I do not want to play Moshi Monsters, and I suspected that was what it would be. Plus, I’ve had my doubts about this entire genre, which seems to promote shopping and decorating as the only fun activities available to our virtual and real selves.

But I’ve always secretly thought–who wouldn’t have wanted to do this as a kid? I want to dress a monster and make a house for it!

Lily, who doesn’t like any other video game, recently convinced me that she could do it on her own. I finally gave in, and of course, she can (allowing for the occasional computer illiteracy incident.

Then Wyatt began to beg. He didn’t just want to play, though. He wanted to buy a membership with his own birthday money, so his monster could “get a pet.” Today we were finally in the nearby town where you could purchase the card that grants you such a monster (I didn’t admit to them that I can do it with a credit card; I wanted it to be harder than that), and he bought the card, which gave him the right to a month. Then he bought three more. Then Lily bought one. Then Sam. Leaving Rory, who had no money, bereft. Doubly so, because I have not let her play, thinking you had to be able to read to sit and do it without help. I asked the other kids, who said they thought she probably could play without someone sitting with her (you can just play the game for free). I told her she could play without Emma, but who are we kidding? Not the same!

And then Wyatt gave her one of his cards. And she kissed him. And my heart melted towards the whole Moshi world.

Then we came home and, after all joining forces to clean up every toy out of the yard and put away all the lawn furniture and duct tape the playhouse and composter shut (Come on, Irene) and clear everything out of the way of the inevitable basement flood, every last one of them sat down to play Moshi Monsters.

And so did I. My monster’s name is Loki, and he is yellow with pink stripes. I sent gifts and messages to my four monster children, and they sent them back, and we are all BFFs.

Generator power and Internet permitting, I’m pretty sure I know what we’re going to do for at least part of tomorrow!

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