Sam! Lily! Wyatt! Wordle!

Sam the fantastic. Sam the wonderful. Sam the kid so easy, relatively speaking, that I do not HAVE to blog about him. Sam, the child who was the topic of this blog long, long ago. so long that all of the posts have been horribly corrupted my spam and need to be somehow rescued.

Sam, who would really appreciate the above if he only knew what I’d written about him.

What are you DOING, KJ?

I’m trying to game Wordle.

Wordle is one of those word cloud making gadgets, which will allow you to enter your whole URL and come to it and make you a word cloud from all of your blog entries. And mine did not have Sam in it!

Which is ridiculous. Of course I write about Sam. I just don’t write about him as often, apparently, as I write about plastic, birthdays or use the word “actually.” (It’s reasonably clear the applet only scans down a few entries, which is still cool.)

If I can get my Wordle to have Sam in it, and figure out how to do it, I’ll bring it over. If not, I’ll leave it shrouded in shamed discretion.

This worked a little too well, actually, I had to cut out about 12 Sams to make him not dominate the whole thing. And so I will just add: Lily. Lily. Lily. Lily! Wyatt. Wyatt. Wyatt. Wyatt! Rory. (Rory didn’t need much help; her name was already big.)

Here’s the result:

2 Responses to “Sam! Lily! Wyatt! Wordle!”

  1. paula says:

    Wordle’s a lot of fun. The computer teacher in our schools teaches it to the kids. The walls look cool with their wordle projects up.

  2. Jerusha says:

    I’m intrigued! And why is plastic so big?