I Want Teee!

I Want Teee!

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It’s very important to be able to ask for what you want. It’s also very important to listen.

When we got to the pizza place, Rory had to go potty. She was jumping up and down, and I told her to run, but–

"What do you want to drink?"

"I wan’ tee."

"Really? Tea?"

"I wan’ TEEEE!"

"Ok! Fine! Go!"

I ordered–pizza all ’round, three fountain drinks, and one bottled drink–tea, but I had my doubts, so I waited.

She reappeared, and I pointed at the fridge. Ok! Get your tea!



"I no WAN’ tea!"

"But you said TEA!"

"I wan’ coke!"

I don’t care, she can have coke, but the thing is, I like fountain coke. I don’t want a bottle. But I can probably trade. This is no big deal. But I’m really confused. I swear she said tea. I thought it was weird at the time. But she said tea.

By now, Rory has sat, miserable and misunderstood, on a bench. I kneel. You can have coke, I tell her. But what DID you say?

Small voice, trying hard: "I want cheese."


Cheese pizza. We get her a coke, and I remind her how important it is to actually say the end of her words–not to mention answer the question. I knew she wanted cheese pizza. She always wants cheese pizza. I asked what she wanted to drink.

I guess she’ll learn. But sometimes I have my doubts.
KJ Dell’Antonia
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