Carving the Pumpkin Harvest

Wyatt was super excited. “Let’s carve penguins!”

I was all, dude, that’s going to be so messy.

But frankly the pumpkins were messy enough. As usual, my eyes were bigger than my carving stomach. We had a TON of pumpkins to carve.

"I try not to think too hard about how gross this is." It would be so much worse if it was a penguin, though.

Fortunately Sam turned out to enjoy gutting them nearly as much as he did carving the faces. And like so many things, pumpkin carving is easier but still not precisely idyllic when your youngest kid is five. They need help with their own pumpkins, but not that much help, particularly if, like me, you’re not that picky about the end result. Or worried about fingers. We ended the pumpkin carving session with the same number of fingers we started with, by the way.

Sharp knife! Hooray!

"This is my so teeny one pumpkin."

Hey-if you send pics of your carved pumpkins to my friend Pam at Nomad press, you’re entered into a contest to win some of their great books (they do some super non-fiction stuff with great illustrations.) Send your pictures here. That sounds super cheesy. She really IS my friend. And they really ARE good books.

Our end result: a suitably motley crew.

4 Responses to “Carving the Pumpkin Harvest”

  1. Oh my goodness. Supermom in spades. That is so cool.

  2. Jerusha says:

    Wow, I’m daunted at one. Which is why, this year, we are carving zero.

  3. J. says:

    you are super Mom, we live in the country, we do not carve pumpkins although this year I did do one for a contest but I did not let the small people help me cause I am mean like that, there are 2 more, I might let them go at them just for something to do tomorrow since I see that it can be done without the loss of fingers.

  4. M says:

    Woah – that’s a lot of pumpkins! We usually do one for each kid, and even that hasn’t happened yet this year – I believe the pumpkins which are sitting outside in some kind of vague “fall decoration” mode, are rotting 🙂