Motherlode: Lies! Sexual Harassment! Fat Babies!

So, shameless self-promotion is the mark of the successful modern writer, and in particular the successful modern blogger.

I definitely want to succeed at my second week at the helm of the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, and so I’m inviting everyone: please drop by, read, comment, argue and engage! If you’ve ever wanted to discuss parenting styles with New York Times readers from New England to California and far beyond, or even just to take issue with mine, now’s the time.

This week, I’ve already offered my best advice for flying with kids (see below, and click again to meet the commenter who called me obsequious), written about sleep (not enough of it, for kids or parents, but my willingness to lie to get my kids to bed earlier prompted one commenter to label me the Jessica Seinfeld of sleep), and my reluctant admission that if I had a daughter who felt sexually harrassed by her fellow middle or high school students, I think I’d advise her to let it pass, rather than risk being the whistle-blower.  (I’m not proud, but I am honest.) Later today, I’ll be writing about Jerry Sandusky. Tomorrow, about whatever comes up in the realm where family life meets politics and culture—which is to say, everywhere.

As always in the world of online writing, there’s a bit of a popularity contest going on. Your comments (even the ones in which you take this opportunity to tell me that I am completely WRONG) make me look good, and I’d appreciate them. So please, stop by.

3 Responses to “Motherlode: Lies! Sexual Harassment! Fat Babies!”

  1. M says:

    Just one advice – to get a discussion going on Motherlode, get comments approved faster. Comments beget comments.

    Good luck.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Keep posting them here! I just went over and commented a bunch – it definitely helps to have the reminders since the Motherlode isn’t already in my daily media diet.

  3. KJ (aka Lola Granola) says:

    Sadly, I have no control over the speed of comment approval. But I know exactly what you mean. Once the blog is fully reassigned (which is still in process, they’re essentially trying us out) it should get better.

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