Should We Get a Kitten

I’ve lost my mind, I know I have. I am thinking of getting a kitten. I nice Siberian, because I was very allergic as a kid, although I seem ok now, and they are supposed to not produce the protein that causes allergies. (Dr. Oz says so, so it must be true!)

Who thinks our dog, who is largely interested in other animals but not aggressive, would enjoy
the companionship of a cat? Will I? Or is this just another one of my patented really bad ideas?

4 Responses to “Should We Get a Kitten”

  1. We are having this same discussion about a dog. Three of us need to get allergy tested first, because Mr. A is convinced we will all die of dander. Apparently we can’t just decide to get a dog like normal people, we have to discuss it for 6 months first.

  2. paula says:

    I am a definite cat person. I have allergies but thankfully they’re not too severe. If they were, I’d go for the Norwegian Forest cat whose saliva supposedly has a different enzyme so that they don’t set off allergies. As it is, I have two domestic shorthairs I got from a shelter. If DH wouldn’t divorce me over it, I’d have several more but I’m pushing my luck with two (although he did look really cute the other night sleeping with his arm tucked around one of the cats – wish I’d had my camera nearby).

  3. Jess says:

    Ummmmm…hello? Aren’t you the person who mocked me for ignoring my husband’s cat allergy and taking on Pip? Hello?

    But I say yes, yes, yes.

  4. I am of the opinion that if you’re not absolutely sure, AND if the rest of the family in its entirety is not absolutely sure, don’t do it. If anything goes wrong, the kitten will suffer the most. You can always revisit the issue later, when life seems more kitten-conducive. The world will never run out of kittens.